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Floor tiles screen

The installation of LED interactive floor tiles in the atrium or sightseeing elevator can make the owner's mall stand out. In addition to attracting attention, the LED interactive floor tiles in the atrium can also display the promotional information of the mall, and even become a good helper for brand promotion and fashion shows. LED floor tiles in elevators will also capture customers' attention and convey more business information. The LED interactive induction floor tile screen provides a unique learning platform through engaging motion-sensing games and interactive videos. Through specially designed educational content, interactive LED floor tiles can effectively enhance students' learning motivation, collaboration and social skills. Medical institutions can design special games that allow patients to walk on interactive floor tile screens, turning treatment into a game-like experience to help patients regain their ability to walk and speed up recovery. In addition, LED interactive floor tile screen is also used in bars, and stairs, which can be a good foil to the entertainment atmosphere of these places.

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