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Grille LED screen

The screen body can be quickly assembled into a plane, or up and down left and right arbitrary bend and fit with the surface of the building body; Pixel spacing, screen size, screen color can be customized according to the project needs; High permeability, does not affect the ventilation and lighting inside the building, and wind resistance effect is good, can quickly lock design to make the screen assembly convenient and efficient, save installation costs; The screen is super light and directly suspended by steel wire, eliminating the need for complex steel frame construction. LED grid screen with IP67 protection level, suitable for outdoor all-weather application environment. The good perspective effect makes the image on the screen and the real scene behind produce overlapping effect, constituting a kind of separation of true and false, like real and unreal visual feast. Mainly used for indoor and outdoor large-scale rental stage activities and concert display screen background, building curtain wall display, advertising display screen, etc.

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